Our Partners

We are grateful for partners and friends that continue to inspire us every day. Here are some partners you'll find at Konbi


bub & Grandma's bread

Andy and his team share many of the values we hold dear at konbi. Sourcing grains locally from mills such as, Grist and toll, they put the utmost care into their bread to create a product that is simply better. When it came to choosing a partner for our milk bread, there was never any question, it should be Bub & Grandma's. 


Kettl tea

Sourced directly from growers and producers in Japan, Kettl Tea brings the finest Japanese teas from rural, isolated areas direct to consumers. Tea is purchased weekly and shipped from japan to konbi. All (4) varieties of tea we carry are provided by kettl. Try Sencha - a rich, green tea that really highlights the difference of small batch production. 

CM 11 Dark Blend.jpg

coffee manufactory

Konbi is proud to serve coffee manufactory. sustainably sourced, coffee manufactory is rooted in a deep tradition of farming relationships and precise roasting. We love their simple mission to make coffee better and make better coffee.